Sunday, August 26, 2007

Well, what should I call this thing?

Okay -- first order of business ... finding a new title for my blog. I am always envious of those folks who can come up with witty titles for their blogs that not only relate to the blog content, but also pokes fun at the whole blog experience. I am not one of those people. I am full of unoriginal ideas. Please help! Send me your comments on what you believe would be an appropriate title for my blog.


H said...

How about "what was I thinking"
Can be interpreted with all types of punctuation. ;)

ID Grad Student said...

ha! i like that!!

Glen C. Pruitt said...

What about "The Next IT Girl"?

It includes the whole "Instructional Technology" thing, plus it alludes to the Hollywood term for the next fresh, young talent that captures everyone's attention.

Just a thought.

ID Grad Student said...

That would work well, esp. w/my picture of "Girl w/Ribbon" ...

elaine said...

I'm also not one to come up with
witty titles. How about:


Renaissance Woman

I Found Myself

I'll keep thinking. I do like Glen's idea. Goes both ways!

tod said...

seems like you are participating in the exploration of the new aspects of the WEB and how it will affect man.
Perhaps a reference to a favorite explorer with an update to the modern world would be a good point to start at:
Ponce de Leon searched for the fountain of youth.
You are exploring the ways to provide the fountain of knowledge and facilitate collaboration for the future:
Ponce's web explorations?

ID Grad Student said...

Ohh ... I like this suggestion! Thanks tod!!