Friday, September 21, 2007

Immersion -- Week 4

I am Jealous!

So, in my EDIT 730 class (Analysis and Design of Multimedia/Hypermedia Environments), we are working in teams on an Instructional Technology (IT) issue, focusing specifically on Web 2.0. Of course the Immersion team is working with T/TAC Online. Another team in the class is working with Croquet. No, it is not the game that is played in your backyard. Croquet is a "software development environment for creating and deploying deeply collaborative multi-user online applications on multiple operating systems and devices". While like Second Life in that it provides a 3D digital world, that is where the similarities end. It is open source. It has a peer-based network architecture. Users can develop applications collaboratively and easily, without the need to know how the applications work. You don't need a hi-tech video card or a super fast processor. Just a decent computer and a decent Internet connection. So the class Croquet team got to speak with some of the key people involved in the development of Croquet and the Croquet Consortium. While Croquet is still in its infancy, being involved at the beginning phases of a project that has the potential for a big impact is a unique opportunity. GMU's IT Program is exploring long term partnerships with the Croquet Consortium beyond the project in EDIT 730.

So can I say again that I am jealous? The Immersion Team met with our SMEs last week and they were all over the map with what they believe should be the next step for T/TAC Online. We spent most of last week spinning our wheels as a result. We needed to come up with project goals - when we still don't even know what the real IT issues are! Luckily, we met with more T/TAC professionals yesterday. Their insights on the day-to-day challenges of service delivery and promoting awareness of resources gave us a clearer picture as to what issues need to be addressed. But - don't get me wrong - I am still excited about the T/TAC project, I just want to be involved in the Croquet project too! Maybe that is something that can be addressed in the PhD program? Hmmm ....

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