Sunday, October 7, 2007

Immersion -- Week 6

Completion of the Performance Analysis

We have finally finished our performance analysis! After meeting with a myriad of SMEs on all things T/TAC and T/TAC Online, it looks like we actually have some direction with our project. We met with the client this week and presented some straw (in other words, we gave the client some draft recommendations to respond to). After processing his feedback, we came up with the following priorities:
  1. Develop a virtual collaboration center that would enable T/TAC staff to take advantage of existing but currently under-used conferencing and collaborative software resources.
  2. Create resources to support T/TAC staff development with respect to their ability to use newer training creation tools.
  3. Customize T/TAC Online content for individual users.
Our initial thoughts focused on creating a collaborative working environment for all T/TAC Online users and harnessing the "collective intelligence" of the audience through Web 2.0 tools. However, due to the perceived lack of control over the conversations that could occur in this type of environment, there would not be support for such an open exchange of ideas and information. But, if such an environment was created for T/TAC staff to enhance their ability to deliver training across the state, then this type of "virtual collaboration center" would probably be embraced. We discovered that T/TAC has recently acquired all sorts of neat conferencing tools that will allow T/TAC stakeholders to deliver and receive training virtually. So, the iTeam (Immersion Team) will get a chance to become familiar with such items as Flash, Camtasia, Articulate, Captivate, podcasting, and Adobe Connect. I can't wait to play with these innovative tools. I say -- let the games begin!

So, now that the Performance Analysis is complete, it is onto the Needs Assessment to determine which of the above priorities we will focus on.

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