Friday, November 16, 2007

Immersion -- Week 12

Here is your fuchsia ...

We had an interesting meeting on Monday with our client. We broached the idea of conducting some parallel data gathering to check out assumptions about the Virtual Collaboration Center. In our interviews with the target audience, we began to see some serious disparities between what the client wants and what is truly needed for this audience. The client didn't agree. So we will give him the fuchsia he knows the audience needs. As a result, the iTeam received a crash course in video conferencing hardware and software. I now know more than I thought I ever would about video conferencing. I am responsible for creating a graphical representation of the GMU and T/TAC video conferencing set up -- if it is a decent representation, I may post it here in the coming weeks.

On a positive note, the folks at Springdoo came through and fixed my test Springcaster -- special thanks to Tom and all the folks in Springdoo's Tech Support! Now it can be tested for the PCD project I am working on. Here is the Springcaster -- take a moment to try it out and send me a response!

You too, can Springdoo

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