Sunday, January 27, 2008

Immersion, Spring Semester -- Week 1

... And we're off?

So the new semester began on Tuesday. The iTeam met and we processed the results of our Fall Semester work. We identified our new team roles (which will actually rotate this semester) and refined the responsibilities of each. As of this week, I will not be the Project Coordinator. Yippee! My assigned role is Scribe. While Scribe is not the most exciting role to undertake in this process, I welcome the change with open arms.

After meeting with our Immersion advisor, it appears that our client not only did not participate in our end of semester presentation, he probably didn't even view the presentation since then. So at this point, who knows what his feedback will be. We did make our intentions clear to our advisor -- we actually want to do some instructional design this semester, and not get bogged down in crafting some scheduling form for the video conferencing resources available to the T/TAC audience.

Our advisor also reviewed the syllabus for this semester. Included in our deliverables is a collaborative paper that focuses on design research. Considering that we didn't discuss design research very much last semester, this task seems a bit daunting to say the least. What is design research? Good question. That is something our team is asking as well -- but I did find a resource that was a little helpful to provide some sort of a context as we ponder this question.

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