Sunday, February 17, 2008

Immersion, Spring Semester -- Week 4

Usability testing in an online synchronous environment

We had our first round of usability testing to help the team identify support for the usage of Adobe Connect with our target audience. One team member facilitated the tasks the participants had to run through in the synchronous online environment, while the rest of us sat and observed the participants as they tried to navigate the system. I was assigned as an observer. From the observer viewpoint, it was hard for me not to jump in and help when my participant got stuck on a task. But it was very interesting to see how the participants worked together as a group in their “natural environment” to solve problems. Our instructor seems to think our process of testing Adobe Connect would be good for an article. A cursory look at the literature doesn’t reveal much in terms of usability testing in synchronous online environments, so this may be a useful topic for the team to explore.


Jeannie said...

Just wanted to say hi and see how you are doing. Are you enjoying school this semester?

ID Grad Student said...

Thanks for checking in Jeannie ... things are really tough this semester for some reason! I don't know why -- I have one less class! Maybe it is knowing that the big project needs to come to a conclusion, or I will have to look for a full time job soon! No more academic freedom! :-)