Sunday, March 30, 2008

Immersion, Spring Semester -- Week 9

I'm having a love affair with this wiki

Okay, so that doesn't roll off the tongue like, "I'm having a love affair with this ice cream sandwich", but it portrays the same sentiment. I first tried using a wiki in my Intro to Instructional Design class. It was a self-imposed experiment so I could learn more about Web 2.0 tools. Since then, I have used wikis as deliverables for class assignments, and a wiki serves as an integral part of communication and information sharing for our Immersion team. We have even proposed using a variety of wikis as a part of the Virtual Collaboration Center (VCC). I built out the team's experimental dekiwiki to demonstrate the suggested 2 prong approach for participant information gathering in the training tools development area of the VCC. We showed this to the client, and he really took a shine to the idea, thinking that it would not only be a useful way to design the VCC, but if enough components were built out before the end of the semester, then the Assistive Technology Priority Project members could use these tools now rather than 2-3 years from now. I am also using a wiki for my Educational Research project. In my pilot study, the subjects (my family members ... so much for limiting bias, huh?), are testing out a wiki for the first time. I am getting excited phone calls from my mother as she familiarizes herself with the features and sees the potential of what a wiki can provide to its participants. I didn't realize I would be delivering the gospel of the wiki ...

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elaine said...

I (your mother) am still excited to have learned a new technology -- the WIKI!!!! Thanks for the education!